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Cosmetic Re- Contouring-A Way to Improve Your Smile

Our teeth can become cracked, chipped or can even overlap with each other due to various reasons which includes the teeths position, grinding etc. The remedy of it can be found in the procedure of cosmetic re-contouring which is also known as Enameloplasty and in this respect our doctors in the Guardian Dental Clinic are expert in procedure of it. They recommend our patients to go for cosmetic re-contouring for a more improved appearance in the look of their smile.

What is cosmetic re- contouring?

Cosmetic re-contouring is a simple procedure in which the elimination of minor amounts of tooth enamel is done for changing the length, surface and shape of the tooth involving minimal amount of discomfort.

Procedure of re-contouring

In the Guardian Dental Clinic you have to go through the following processes in order to complete the process of cosmetic re- contouring. These are:

1. First our dentist will take an X ray of your teeth in order to determine the location and size of the pulp of the tooth. This is done by our dentist in order to examine whether you are an appropriate candidate for re contouring or not.

2. Then our doctors during your appointment will use a fine diamond bur for removing minor amounts of tooth enamel. Then they will use a sandpaper strip for shaping the sides and at last they will finish the process by polishing the teeth.

Why should you consider re- contouring?

Re- contouringremoves the overlaps among teeth or crevices in which the accumulation of tartar or plaque can take place and thus ultimately it helps in improving the overall dental health.

Re-contouring is the most effective method for correcting imperfections such as in case of adjusting the canines length, for smoothing out pits in the enamel of the tooth, for small chips fixing etc.

Re contouring is a simple and an inexpensive alternative to the expensive cosmetic services. Thus your uneven teeth can reshaped gently or the alignment can be correctedwithout going through expensive treatment.

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