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Broken and New Dentures: All You Need to Know About Them

After tooth extraction, dentures are a must-have for people so that they can resume their usual life. However, dentures are easily damaged and broken, which might create a minor setback in their day to day activities. Here is all you need to know about dentures.

What are dentures?

A person who undergoes tooth extraction after an accident, decay, some disease or due to old agemay use dentures to replace the missing teeth. Dentures may be used to replace all teeth in a person's mouth (complete dentures) or only a few teeth (partial dentures).

Why do you need dentures?

A person may need dentures for several reasons. The most common reasons for getting dentures are:

a. Difficulty in chewing

b. Gaps between teeth, which are becoming wider.

c. Red, swollen, painful or bleeding gums.

d. Severe dental problems and have undergone tooth extraction.

e. Uncomfortable with the natural arrangement of teeth.

f. Accident has led to loss of tooth/ teeth.

Why do dentures break?

Dentures are important for individuals who do not have teeth.They help in facing any difficulty in talking or chewing. Here are a few reasons why dentures might be damaged:

1. Dentures are often damaged with time due to regular use.

2. When they are dropped on a hard surface, it results in a break.

3. If the shape and contours of jaw and mouth change, the dentures no longer fit.

At GuardianDental Care,immediate dentures are made in advance, based on the model of the previously existing teeth, so that the wearer does not discern any major difference in his/herdaily life. In case of a broken denture, it is important to seek assistance as soon as possible, so that it may be repaired or replaced.At Guardian Dental Care, we also provide you with adequate instructions on how to maintain your teeth after inserting dentures.

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