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Dental Abscesses: When to Visit the Doctor?

Teeth performsome of the most important functions in the smooth execution of one day to day life, including talking, eating etc. However, the optimum performance of your healthy teeth might be hampered by tooth decay or dental abscess, as the pain and the discomfort can easily get unbearable, and distract you from leading your regular life. At Guardian Dental Care, we provide the best treatment available for tooth abscess such that you can leave the worry to us and continue enjoying your life.

What causes dental abscesses?

Tooth abscesses are a result of a number of reasons which may have resulted in an infection of the tooth pulp. A few of the most common causes of an infection of the tooth pulp are broken teeth that expose the tooth pulp, deep cavities or some diseases.

How to deal with a dental abscess?

Dental abscesses are usually treated as emergencies. A painkiller is administered to the individual to reduce the pain, following which the oral condition of the person is examined. Antibiotics may be prescribed to remove the infection, following which the dentist might perform a root canal procedure. Surgery may be resorted to in case of severe dental abscesses, and tooth extraction may also become necessary in certain cases of dental abscesses. If the pus is drained from the abscess, it may provide some relief from the pain, but does not indicate a recovery from the infection. A doctor should still be consulted even when the pain and the swelling has abated.

Things to remember

1. It is extremely important to refrain from disturbing the affected area by touching the abscess with your tongue.

2. Food items rich in sugar must be avoided.

3. A fluoride toothpaste may be used to avoid dental abscesses.

4. Dental check-ups should be compulsorily scheduled at least once a year.

5. The number of snacks between meals should be reduced.

6. In case of loose or cracked teeth, a dentist must be consulted as soon as possible.

At Guardian Dental Care, our priority is to ensure that you are pain-free and healthy. Our dentists not only curedental abscesses, but also provide adequate instructions and support to help our patients in the most difficult times.

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