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Dental Avulsion: An Emergency That You Must Prepare For

Teeth are one of the most important aspects of your appearance, and are also indispensable for the smooth functioning of your daily life. Avulsion is a process by which the teeth are completely dislodged from the tooth socketand alveolar bone. An avulsed tooth not only destroys your confidence by ruining the appearance of your teeth, but also hampers your everyday life. At Guardian Dental Care, we have several solutions for dentalavulsion, as we provide the best dental healthcare services available to you. Here is all you need to know about tooth avulsion and how to avoid it.

What causes dental avulsion?

Dental avulsion may occur to a person through a forceful contact, which dislodges the tooth from the tooth socket. The trauma to one teeth may occur in a number of ways. The most common reasons for dental avulsion are falling flat on face, getting injured during contact sports, accidents, getting hit in the face with something hard etc.

How to deal with dental avulsion?

Dental avulsion is a serious emergency situation that requires immediate medical assistance. Here are a few things that may be done to provide first aid to a person suffering from dental avulsion.

1. Keep the affected person calm and find the tooth.

2. Clean the tooth and encourage the individual to re-plant it.

3. Take the individual to a dentist as soon as possible.

How to prevent dental avulsion?

Dental avulsion can easily become a serious problemif not treated immediately. Here are a few steps that may be adopted to avoid dental avulsion.

1. An individual may avoid a painful dental avulsion during sports by using a mouth guard, helmet or face cage before engaging in any kind of sporting activities.

2. Using a helmet while riding a bike also protects a person from dental avulsion in case of an accident.

At Guardian Dental Care, we provide emergency treatment for people suffering from dental avulsion, as our expert dentists ensure that your avulsed tooth is restored and your appearance is unaltered. However, with proper precautions and careful conduct, your teeth will always remain healthy and beautiful.

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