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Dental Crowns: How to Get Them

Dental crowns become a necessity for those individuals who have damaged their teeth and seek to restore its appearance. A dental crown is a cap placed on a damaged tooth, which covers the entire visible part of the tooth. For people suffering from a myriad of dental issues, tooth caps provide the best relief to a wide range of problems.

Why do you need dental crowns?

Dental crowns provide a quick and easy solution to a large number of oral health issues. Some of the reasons why you might need dental crowns are as follows:

a. If you feel uncomfortable with the natural appearance of your teeth, a dental crown might help in making your smile more confident. It has high cosmetic value.

b. It helps in supporting a large tooth filling.

c. It is often used to conceal dental implants.

d. It restores the function of biting and chewing.

e. It helps to prevent adjacent teeth from drifting.

f. It helps in distributing the masticatory force evenly.

How to get dental crowns?

Getting a dental crown usually involves two appointments at Guardian Dental Care. We place a crown on the affected teeth only after a thorough examination.

The first appointment consists of a detailed analysis of the present condition of the teeth, during which some X-rays of the mouth may be taken. A root canal, if required may also be advised. The tooth will be reshaped and filled in before we shave the tooth to fit a crown. Impression of the prepared tooth will be taken and sent to the lab for crown fabrication. A temporary crown will be placed on the tooth before the end of first appointment.

The second appointment may be scheduled a few weeks after the first appointment, during which the temporary crown will be replaced with a permanent dental crown.

At Guardian Dental Care, we understand the importance of your oral health and the various implications of your teeth issues in your everyday life. At Guardian Dental Care, we not only provide you with excellent dental crowns, but also provide you with advice and instructions on how to care for your dental crowns.

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