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Dental hygiene: What needs to be done?

We, at Guardian Dental Care, can't stress enough on the importance of oral hygiene. Our dentists always recommend six monthly hygiene visits and daily oral care which will keep your mouth clean and problem free.

So, what is dental hygiene?

Dental hygiene involves keeping one's mouth clean and free of diseases by employing various methods like brushing, flossing, rinsing etc.

What are the common dental diseases?

The most common dental diseases are tooth decay and gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis.

What involves good dental hygiene?

We recommend:

Brushing twice a day- once before breakfast and once before going to bed. Our dentists also recommend brushing for 2 minutes per session as it prevents the most common oral diseases.

Interdental cleaning with floss, flossette, and interdental brush is important. It involves cleaning between the teeth since a tooth brush was not be able to reach those areas. Here's the technique we recommend following while flossing:

Wrap floss, length of 15-25 cm around your middle fingers

Grab the floss with your thumb and index finger for upper teeth and for lower teeth, grab with both index fingers.

Gently ease the floss between the teeth using a back and forth motion and position in a C shape around the interdental surface of the teeth.

Use a back and forth, up and down motion to clean.

Use tongue scrapers to remove the debris built up on the tongue. Here's the procedure:

Rinse off the tongue scraper to clean it off.

Position it at the back of the tongue and gently scrape forward.

Make sure that you clean up the sides and not just the middle portion.

After cleaning, rinse the tongue scraper.

Other prosthetics like dentures, retainers etc. should be kept clean. Here's the process our dentists recommend:

Mechanically clean it twice a day with a soft bristled brush, using a denture cleaning paste (do not use toothpaste since it's too abrasive for acrylic).

We also recommend that our patients cut down on fast foods to reduce the possibility of oral diseases.

At Guardian Dental Care, we don't just provide routine cleanings but we also show you the way you can take care of your oral health.

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