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Dental Sport Injuries: How to Deal with Them

Dental Injuries from sports activities are one of the most common reasons why an individual may need to avail the services of a dentist. Sporting injuries to ones teeth may be minimal and easily treatable, but can also turn out to be life-threatening. As a result, sportspeople should take special care of their dental health due to the high risk that sports pose to ones teeth.

What are the different types of dental sports injuries?

The injuries caused by sports to ones teeth are of many types. Here are a few common types of damage to the teeth that may be caused by sports injuries:

A. Tooth intrusion

A tooth intrusion occurs when one's tooth is driven deep into his or her gums. This can cause serious issues such as necrosis of tooth pulp.

B. Cracked teeth:

Cracked teeth may be of no consequence to an individual, and may also take a dangerous turn. Individuals suffering from cracked tooth may lose a part of their teeth, and may experience pain and sensitivity.

C. Fractured or dislocated jaw:

The jaw of an individual is attached to his or her skull through two temporomandibular joints. Any injury to any one of these joints can break, dislocate or crack the jaw, which may lead to a series of problems.

D. Fractured roots:

Fractured roots are often impossible to spot as they are not visible. They can cause several issues and might result on tooth loss.

How to avoid dental sports injuries?

Dental injuries sports may be easily prevented by taking care of oneself. A few preventive measures may be easily adopted to save oneself from a dental injury during sports activities. An individual may avoid a painful dental injury during sports by using a mouth guard, helmet or face cage before they engage in any kind of sporting activities. These protective measures may also prevent tremendous blood loss during dental sports injuries.

At Guardian Dental, we provide our clients with the best treatment available for sporting injuries. We also provide the necessary information required to care for injuries and to prevent further damage to ones teeth.

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