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Dentures: Do You Need Them

For people who have undergone tooth extraction, dentures are a must-have to ensure that their heart-warming smiles remain unchanged. Dentures in Manukau, Auckland are easy to get, as we at GuardianDentals provide with the best of dental care available to you, and all you need to know about dentures.

What are dentures?

Teeth form an integral part of the facial features of a person, and are often damaged due to an accident, some disease or old age. After the extraction of damaged teeth, dentures are used to replace the missing teeth in the mouth of the affected person, so that their lives remain unaffected. Dentures may be used to replace all teeth in a person's mouth (complete dentures) or may replace only a few teeth (incomplete dentures).

Why do you need dentures?

A person may need dentures for several reasons. The most common reasons for getting dentures are:

a. Chewing food has lately become difficult for you.

b. You have developed gaps between your teeth, which are getting wider.

c. You have red, swollen, painful or bleeding gums.

d. You suffer from severe dental problems and have undergone tooth extraction.

e. You are uncomfortable with the natural arrangement of teeth in your mouth.

f. You have been in an accident and have lost one or more teeth.

Why choose Guardian Dentals?

Getting dentures at Manukau, Auckland is fairly easy. However, in most cases, an individual has to wait for 8 to 12 weeks after tooth extraction to have their dentures inserted in their oral cavity. As a result, they have to experience a very uncomfortable period of healing after tooth extraction, as they have to function without teeth. At Guardian Dentals, we provide our customers with immediate dentures, so that they do not have to undergo the discomfort and the embarrassment of carrying on everyday life without their teeth.

At Guardian Dentals, the immediate dentures are made in advance, based on the model of the previously existing teeth, so that the wearer does not discern any major difference in hisdaily life. We also provide you with adequate instructions on how to maintain your teeth after inserting dentures.

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