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Free ACC Consultation: Know How It Can Help You

At Guardian Dental Care, we do not just offer treatments for various dental concerns, but we also keep in mind that some procedures are more expensive for some patients. For this we offer free ACC consultations, if injury could be the cause of dental problem.

Here's how we can make your financial burdens easy

You will need to fill up a basic form and well claim it with ACC on your behalf.

You will receive a letter (probably within a week or two) stating whether your injury is covered or not.

Although most of the accident injuries are covered, sometimes, you will have to pay for part of the treatment if your injury claim covers only a partial treatment cost.

In case of serious injuries:

Follow the same process as above but this time we will make an injury claim for treatment on your behalf. But remember that it can take anywhere from about a few days to weeks to actually investigate the claim and come to a decision. But rest assured, you will be notified if the decision making gets delayed by more than 2 months.

Also, if you are unable to work because of the injury, then you can get covered under this scheme and they can help with your income.

Remember that they do not pay for injuries which are not covered by them. Pre-existing injured/ medical conditions are also not covered.

Keep in mind that the amount payable by ACC keeps changing in accordance to changes made in law and legislation. But overall, you can really reduce your treatment cost if you go by this route.

...or fill in the form on our Appointments page: