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Get a Free WINZ Quote Today!

Dental health is one of the most important factors that have a direct impact on a person day to day life. An impaired dental condition can not only cause practical difficulties in everyday life, such as eating and talking, but can also cause severe pain to the affected individual. Teeth are also an integral part of a person appearance and self-esteem. A bright smile is a must-have for many people in their careers. Malformed teeth can make them uncomfortable with their smiles, and therefore seriously affect their work. People who are unhappy with their smiles may also go through severalself-esteem issues.

What is WINZ?

For people who live on low income, dental health is one of the most neglected aspects of their daily lives, as they are often unable to afford expensive procedures and treatments. However, with the help of WINZ (Work and Income New Zealand), people who are living in low income may access emergency dental treatment. The WINZ provides people in need of immediate medical attention with monetary assistance, so that they can get the treatment that is recommended. WINZ provides people with help only when they are in serious pain, or are in an emergency situation. The amount that is paid by WINZ is up to 300 dollars, once you qualify for their assistance.

How to get a WINZ quote?

WINZ quotes are provided by registered dental practitioners all over New Zealand. At Guardian Dental Care, we not only provide you with the best dental healthcare that is available, but also a free WINZ quote in case of any emergency. A WINZ quote may be obtained at Guardian Dental Care absolutely free of cost prior to any treatment, which should be taken to WINZ for approval. Once the treatment is approved and the money is granted, treatment shall be immediately initiated by Guardian Dental Care.

At Guardian Dental Care, we genuinely care about our customers dental health and general well-being. Thus, the WINZ quote provided by us is not chargeable, so that people from low income backgrounds can easily access our affordable dental health services.

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