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Why Going For Gold Teeth Is Necessary

The first question most people ask us is that- why should they use gold?

Our teeth have to undergo an almost regular exposure to corrosive food and drinks. So the material used on teeth must be able to withstand this along with huge amount of pressure and naturally occurring bacteria


Sticks easily to the enamel. This makes the process a lot easier.

Unlike meta,l which could have bumps, gold doesn't allow bacteria to stick on its surface since it is so smooth

It is also malleable which allows us to shape it into the shape that is required.

It also expands and contracts in the same manner as natural teeth does in heat or cold, thus making it long lasting.

When would you need Gold teeth?

At Guardian Dental Care, we recommend using dental gold when:

You have allergic reactions to other widely used dental materials.

Where the color of the material isn't a primary issue. For e.g., back teeth.

If in your case, crowns or fillings made up of other weaker materials haven't lasted long.

Also, gold is used for cosmetic purposes as well, to put up a facade. People who dislike metal fillings, go for gold.

Disadvantages of gold fillings:

Expensive: As you might imagine, gold is more expensive than other materials but it has a resale value.

Teeth whitening for yellowed or stained teeth.

Galvanic shock: Placing a gold filling next to a silver amalgam filling may cause galvanic shock. It is an electric shock which occurs due to interaction between saliva and the metals.

At Guardian Dental Care, we will provide you with everything from gold fillings and crowns to any custom gold work you may need.

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