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Immediate denture - a temporary solution after teeth extraction

We, at Guardian Dental Clinic provide the best service of immediate dentures. The patients who have just faced total extractions of teeth can opt for immediate dentures as an option. Our dentists of immediate dentures are expert in the inserting of denture on the same day after the removal of the natural teeth.

What is immediate denture?

The partial denture which is inserted on the same day following the natural teeth removal is known as immediate denture. They are made on the basis of the shape and size of the mouth just after extraction. They are basically designed in such a way so that they can get adjusted with your mouth during the process of healing. They are generally chosen by the patients who are either unable or are not willing to receive oral implants.

Advantage and disadvantage of immediate dentures

The advantage of immediate dentures is that there is no need for the patients to appear in the public without teeth. It also reduces bleeding and protects the tissues. The disadvantage is that of its high cost. There also challenges of wearing removable prostheses who are wearing it for first time.

Important notes regarding immediate dentures

Our dentists at the Guardian Dental Clinic prescribe the patients who have been the subject of the immediate dentures after teeth extraction to follow some specific guideline. This guideline are given below:

The patient has to leave the teeth alone for a minimum duration of 48 hours after the insertion of dentures.

During the duration of day of 2 or more, the patients are advised by our doctors to consume only liquid food or soft food. In this respect the mashed potatoes, baby food etc. are the top choices. Thus it gives extra time to the mouth for healing.

The first day after the extraction is the time when you will need to rinse your mouth with cold water. After the rinsing with cold water, rinsing your mouth with hot water will help in the sanitization of the gums and help to heal quickly.

The patients are at last required to follow up appointments with the denture provide in our clinic for further report.

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