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Infected Wisdom Teeth: When To Visit The Doctor?

Taking care of ones oral health is extremely easy with regular care and strict hygiene. However, your oral health may deteriorate if you have an infected wisdom tooth, as the pain and the discomfort can easily get unbearable, and distract you from leading your regular life. At Guardian Dental Care, we provide the best treatment available for infected wisdom teeth.

What causes wisdom teeth pain?

Infected wisdom teeth are a result of a wisdom tooth that is unable to erupt through the gum, and has partially reached the surface. In situations like this, harmful bacteria and plaque often enter inside the raptured gum and cause infections at the root of the wisdom tooth. The symptoms of an infected wisdom tooth includes a swollen gum, pain and accumulation of pus.

How to deal with infected wisdom teeth?

Cases of infectedwisdom teeth are usuallytreated through self-care. In case of an infection that is not severe, an infected wisdom tooth may be treated through regular rinses with warm water and salt.

Over-the-counter pain medication may beconsumed to reduce the pain,while antibiotics may be prescribed by a dentist to remove infection.

Surgical intervention may be resorted to in case of severe infection of wisdom tooth, and tooth extraction may also become necessary in certain cases. The infected gum flap may also require removal in case of an infection that is spreading rapidly.

Things to remember:

1. It is extremely important to refrain from disturbing the affected area with your tongue/ tooth brush

2. Food items rich in sugar must be avoided.

3. A fluoride toothpaste may be used to avoid dental infection.

4. Dental check-ups should be compulsorily scheduled at least once a year.

At Guardian Dental Care, our priority is to ensure that our patients are relieved of pain. Our dentists not only cure your infected wisdom teeth, but also providehelp and support to recover faster after treatment.

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