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Jaw Injuries: How to Deal with a Broken or a Dislocated Jaw

Jaw Injuries are one of the most common reasons why an individual may need dental services. A broken jaw can cause serious trouble to the afflicted, causing difficulties in everyday activities such as chewing, talking etc. along with vital activities like breathing. A dislocated jaw, on the other hand, comes with its own set of problems, such as trouble while speaking and non-alignment of teeth.

What are the causes of a broken or dislocated jaw?

The jaw of an individual is attached to his or her skull through two temporomandibular joints. Any injury to any one of these joints can break, dislocate or crack the jaw, which may lead to a series of problems. Injury to the jaw may be a result of a myriad of situations, including accidents during sports, workplace accidents, accidents in vehicles and sudden falls.

How is a dislocated or broken jaw treated?

A broken or dislocated jaw might require immediate medical attention, since it is usually treated as an emergency. An x-ray may be taken to ascertain the degree of the damage, following which the course of treatment may be decided. A simple dislocation may be treated by a dentist, while a serious problem may be referred to an oral surgeon.

Dislocated jaws are sometimes manually manipulated by dentists till they are restored to their original positions. A broken jaw, on the other hand, may require surgery to correct the fracture. During the recovery period, a broken or dislocated jaw may be wired shut in order to minimise movement and quicken the process of healing. While a person has his or her jaw wired shut, he or she may face trouble with completely opening or closing his or her mouth. A diet of soft food or an entirely liquid diet may be prescribed during this period in order to ensure that the jaw is not moved too much.

At Guardian Dental, we provide our clients with the best treatment available for broken jaws and dislocated jaws. We also provide the necessary information required to care for a dislocated jaw or broken jaw in the future to avoid further injury.

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