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Pain Free Dental Treatments: How It Is Made Possible

Who are General Dentists?

It is nightmarish for many people and especially kids to even think about visiting a dentist, since there is a popular perception that it will be a painful experience. But that is not the case anymore with our clinic which provides pain free dental treatments.

Here is how we make our procedures pain free

Pain free Injections

Needles scare off anyone, so instead we use a topical paste superficially on the gums/ soft tissues, which doesn't require us to insert any needles in your skin initially. Once the area is slightly numb, a needle is used so that our patients do not feel the prick of the needle. Our dentists also use injections only if it is absolutely necessary.


The sound of drilling can trigger fear and anxiety in a patient. To avoid giving our patients such bad memories, we use a beam of light that cleans up the tooth decay. We also use slow drills for precision and comfort for the patient.

Easy Root Canals

Root canal is probably the most dreaded treatment since it involves the removal of pulp and takes two-three appointments. But our rotary instruments and advanced technologies make root canals absolutely painless, smooth and quick.


Our pain free treatments also involve the use of a variety of medications which range from oral drugs to anaesthetics. All of which blocks or controls the pain centers in the brain and help our patients to be relieved of anxiety.

All these painless treatments result in:

Improving dentist-patient relations: Since our patients know that their dentist cares about their comfort, they are able to put their trust in them.

Easier treatment: Now you don't have to fear undergoing dental procedures. Our dental team is expert at putting you at ease throughout the procedure.

Better Quality of Life: It's a well known fact that one's cardiovascular health is related to one's oral health and signing up for routine dental appointments at our clinic will allow you to regularly follow up on your overall health as well.

Our pain free procedures allow our patients to experience a superior quality of dental treatment. We put patients comfort first instead of just treating the problem by any means.

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