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Partial Tooth Dislodgement: How to Deal with It?

Teeth are extremely important to ones day to day life: a toothache at the wrong time might ruin the special moments of your life. Tooth dislodgement is an extremely painful condition which may take away the gorgeous smile on your face. At Guardian Dental, we provide the best treatment available for a dislodged tooth so that you do not feel any discomfort in your daily life.

What causes partial tooth dislodgement?

Tooth dislodgement may be a result of a number of issues, including any accident during sports activities, sudden falls or other types of injuries. In partial tooth dislodgement, the affected teeth remain partially attached to the gums through a nerve or a root. Children may also experience partial dislodgement of teeth when their milk teeth begin to fall off.

How to deal with a dislodged tooth?

Cases of tooth dislodgement are usually treated as emergencies. A painkiller is administered to the afflicted individual to reduce the pain, following which the oral condition of the person is examined. The tooth socket as well as the dislodged tooth are then both prepped and cleaned so that infections do not develop in the oral cavity of the individual. The missing tooth is then replaced, either by a chemically manufactured tooth or by the natural teeth he or she may have recently lost. Sometimes a patient is also fitted with a dental splint so that the tooth remains stable in its position. Once the tissues in the oral cavity are completely healed, the dentist may recommend other orthodontic treatment for the affected person.

Things to remember:

1. It is extremely important to refrain from disturb the affected area by moving the dislodged tooth or by touching the tooth socket with your tongue.

2. A root canal treatment may be performed before the restoration of the dislodged tooth if the patient is suffering from an infection in the dental pulp.

At Guardian Dental, our priority is to ensure that the brilliance of your smile remains unhindered. Our specialists not only restore your dislodged tooth, but also provides you with adequate instructions so that you may avoid further damages.

D. Fractured roots:

Fractured roots are often impossible to spot as they are not visible. They can cause several issues and might result on tooth loss.

How to avoid dental sports injuries?

Dental injuries sports may be easily prevented by taking care of oneself. A few preventive measures may be easily adopted to save oneself from a dental injury during sports activities. An individual may avoid a painful dental injury during sports by using a mouth guard, helmet or face cage before they engage in any kind of sporting activities. These protective measures may also prevent tremendous blood loss during dental sports injuries.

At Guardian Dental, we provide our clients with the best treatment available for sporting injuries. We also provide the necessary information required to care for injuries and to prevent further damage to ones teeth.

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