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Replace Your Discolored Fillings for Better Healthy Teeth

We, at Guardian Dental Clinic are committed to serve our patients in case of the replacement of the discolored fillings of your teeth. Our doctors are wary of how the discolored fillings can affect your oral health and therefore they recommend our patients to go for replacement of the discolored fillings.

Why to go for the replacement of the discolored fillings

The primary reason for which our doctors at the Guardian Dental Clinic suggest our patients to replace fillings which are discolored so that it can eliminate any possibility of oral health risk in the future. The fillings which are done to protect from the cavity gets weaken over the time and thus the threat of oral health reemerge with time. This can happen due to the constant chewing and grinding which can wear down the filling and eventually the fillings gets cracked. Thus with the loss of the protective barrier against the cavity, bacteria which are harmful can eat away the tooth. In many cases it has seen by our doctor that with the damaging of the seal, the decay of tooth beneath or around the filling can easily escape the notice of the patients. Thus ultimately the patients have to undergo the treatment of root canal or extraction. Though this can be avoided by being punctual and diligent about dental visit in our clinic and also you are needed to remain proactive about the replacing of fillings and with that the pain of tooth restorations can be avoided along with the expense of the infection of tooth.

Choose one among the various options for replacing discolored fillings

Various options are available in the dentistry world for the replacement of discolored fillings besides the traditional choice of amalgam. These are.

1. Crowns which gives a complete covering for damaged teeth.

2. Veneers which are non-staining shells fastened to the teeth front surface.

3. Composite fillings are bonding which are of the color of the tooth utilized for the front teeth.

4. Onlays that is used for replacing in molars of larger fillings.

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