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Root Canal Treatment: What is it?

Root canal treatments are a common procedure at Guardian Dental Care and it relives pain immediately. Let start with the basics.

When is a Root Canal treatment needed?

A tooth pulp (nerve) is liable to get infected because of bacteria. This infection if persists, may cause an abscess (an abscess forms when the infection spreads beyond the tip of the roots of the tooth). But it can cause more damage like:

1. Swelling that may spread to other areas of the neck, face or head.

2. The tip of the root may experience bone loss.

3. There might be sinus problems from the root

How is a root canal procedure carried out?

At Guardian Dental Care, our dentists follow the following steps:

1. They take an x-ray to determine the shape of the root canal and to see if there is any infection in the surrounding bone

2. Local anaesthetic is used to numb the area near the tooth.

3. The dentist will place a rubber dam around the tooth to keep the area free of saliva and thus, dry.

4. The infected pulp is removed from the tooth through an access hole. Sodium hypochlorite or water is used to periodically flush away the debris.

5. After cleaning, the tooth is sealed using a compound called gutta percha. This mixture is placed in the root canal. The exterior tooth is filled using a tooth coloured filling

6. Other restoration work, if required, is carried out.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Saving the natural tooth: The alternative to root canal treatment is to pull out the infected tooth. Thus, by performing a root canal treatment, you can save your precious tooth.

Cost effective: Going for a root canal treatment is much cheaper that other methods like tooth extraction followed by replacement.

A root canal treatment will help you save a tooth and that too through a virtually painless procedure. At Guardian Dental Care, we recommend that you consult our dentists before you decide to pull out any tooth. For all you know, it can be salvaged, thanks to the advanced technologies and the expertise of our dentists.

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