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Routine Dental Exam: The Steps Followed

Many people believe that just brushing one's teeth will be sufficient to ensure healthy teeth and gums. But even the most diligent brushing will not be able to maintain the mouth completely free of problems. For this reason, we recommend a routine dental examination and we at Guardian Dental Care pride ourselves in giving our patients the best dental care possible.

Here what we check for at our clinic during a routine exam:

Knowing your medical history: Our dentists will ask about any health problems you might be facing along with any medications you're taking. This will allow them to discuss how it may affect your oral health.

Teeth cleaning: After looking into your health concerns, we will start with a through clean. At Guardian Dental Care, we start off by:

1. Scraping off built up plaque and tartar, which collects above and below the gum line.

2. Then we floss between and around every tooth to remove any food particles.

3. We also give your pearly whites a smooth and shiny finish through a tooth polish. This polishing will get rid of any residue which was previously missed.

Examining the teeth: Dentists will check for:

1. Softening of tooth enamel and dentin.

2. They will also measure your periodontal pockets around teeth. Deeper pockets are signs of gum disease.

3. Our dentists will also examine your prosthetic replacements like dentures or bridges and will discuss whether they need adjustments or replacement

Dental x-rays and dental exam: The x-ray image will show the visible parts of your teeth as well as the roots below the gum line along with the jaw bones. The dentist will check for oral abnormalities, jaw alignment, bone loss or fracture and more. Oral care will be determined accordingly.

Results and advice: Our dentists will advise you according to the tests, cleanings and x-rays done. They may also include counseling about diet, use of tobacco products and other lifestyle factors that can affect your oral health.

Future appointments: The final step involves scheduling an appointment for a date six months in the future (six monthly recall appointment). Scheduling right away ensures that you don't forget about your dental checkup.

At Guardian Dental Care, we believe in encouraging good oral health and we urge our patients to talk freely about any problems they encounter.

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