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Types of Tooth Coloured Fillings

A bad dental hygiene along with a combination of unhealthy and fast foods is a concoction for tooth decay. At Guardian Dental Care, we take measures to fix your teeth with the same colored fillings.

Glass Ionomer Materials: This is only used in those teeth where you don't have to bite hard, as they don't last as long as other fillings. They are direct fillings and can be done in just one sitting. They have the following characteristics as well

They are not like composite resins and don't have to be put in later by layer.

They contain fluoride which assists in stopping recurrent decay in the tooth.

Composite Fillings: This is a good material of choice on any surface. We recommend that you talk openly with our dentists about it. But if you go forward with it then here's how it will be done:

Our dentists will clean the decay from the tooth and put a bonding material inside.

In thin layers, composite resin will be added in an incremental fashion and will be hardened with the help of a special light.

In the last layer, the dentist will shape the filling so that it looks and feels natural.

Remember that it will cost considerably less than gold fillings. But it should also be noted that this filling can break more easily than gold fillings.

Porcelain Materials: Dental porcelain restorations are made in a dental lab. They are hard and durable. Sometimes, they are combined with metal to make a crown.

Since these are indirect fillings, you will need at least two sittings with us.

They are more expensive than other fillings.

Talk with our dentists and choose the best one for you. You have to maintain good oral care after getting the fillings and if you notice a crack later on, inform our dentists immediately. At Guardian Dental Care, we try to provide the best for our patients in every way we can.

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