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Pros and cons of tooth extraction explained in detail

With the evolution of modern science and technology, various dental treatments have popped up most recently. Gone are the days when the occurrence of a mild toothache or cavity formation implied that there is no other way other than to get the teeth pulled out. But now with a ton of treatments, available tooth extraction has become a rare occurrence.

When and why is tooth extraction performed?

Other dental treatments can be effective in curing dental infections only when the infection is still in the preliminary stage. Unfortunately, in cases where the infection has intensified, dental fillings and other treatments can prove to be futile. Tooth infections have a tendency to spread in persons having a weak immune system or are suffering from drastic illnesses. But do not decide on the life-changing decision of getting your teeth extracted. Visit our Guardian Dental Clinic and let our dentists access whether you require a tooth extraction procedure.

Advantages of tooth extraction

A beautiful smile- Often an additive tooth appearing out of nowhere misaligns the jawline. In such cases, extraction of the tooth becomes a necessity.

A wisdom tooth is the culprit- Infected wisdom teeth have the tendency to mushroom the infection to the adjacent teeth and gums. Thus you have no way left other than to pull the wisdom tooth out.

Bid farewell to baby teeth- Often ones baby teeth does not fall out naturally preventing the formation of permanent teeth. The baby teeth if not pulled out can lead to major dental issues.


If done with a reputable dental clinic like our Guardian Dental Clinic, the occurrences of these side effects are quite rare.

Pain-after the procedure, one may feel pain and swell in the adjacent gums.

During the process, if by any chance the root tidbits descend into the sinus, then an infection is bound to occur.

You can avoid all these scenarios by getting yourself treated by our skillful dentists at the Guardian Dental clinic. Pay us a visit or give us a call to clear out your confusions and queries.

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