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Tooth jewellery - The Accessory for Extra Spark in your Smile

Tooth jewellery procedure is an approach which is customized for improving your overall look of your teeth in unity with your individual facial features. We, at Guardian Dental Care provide the best tooth jewellery services. Our doctors are committed to provide the extra spark in your smile through the tooth jewellery treatment in your teeth.

What is tooth jewellery?

The accessory which is set up on the front line of your tooth and which looks like a spark when you smile is termed as tooth jewellery. There are many designs of jewellery that you can choose from, depending on your likes and taste ranging from crystal clear to ruby red. It is a precious metal charm that sticks firmly to your tooth and it stays on your teeth for 6 months to a few years. The duration of the treatment depends on the jewellery amount you want in your teeth and it requires only one sitting for your treatment. They are usually 1.8 mm to 3mm in diameter so after the application, you can easily get accustomed to it.

Procedure for fixing the tooth jewel and its advantages.

Our dentists at Guardian Dental Care use a bonding agent which is light cured for fixing the jewel in your tooth. The basic advantage of it is that it causes no damage to the tooth and is easily removable. The procedure does not involve drilling and therefore is painless. The cost of it is also very reasonable.

Removal of the tooth jewel

The tooth jewel is removed for our patients causing no harm to the enamel. Our dentist uses a rubber polisher or a scaler during the removal of the stone. After the completion of the procedure, the polishing of tooth has to be done for removing any leftover bonding material. Our dentists also use fluoride for the stabilization of the enamel.

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