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Tooth Whitening: A Way to Restore Your Natural Tooth Shade

We, at Guardian Dental Clinic believe that there should be a sparkling element in your smile. But if your smile is lacking that sparkling element due to a yellowish tinge in your tooth, then our doctors are here help you out with our various methods of tooth whitening.

Your regular habit of flossing and brushing can keep your tooth white and healthy, though sometimes you need more than that to maintain your tooth whiteness. Some of the common causes of the discoloration of your tooth

The use of tobacco which contains nicotine and tar results in the stains of the tooth

Drinks like red wine, coffee and tea which contains color pigments hampers the tooth

Aging is also another factor as with age the enamel becomes thinner and the dentin gets darker.

Type of whitening procedure and how it is done

The procedure of whitening is divided into two fundamental types. These are Vital whitening and Non Vital whitening. Vital whitening is done on a tooth having live nerves and Non Vital whitening is done on a tooth that has treatment of root canal and therefore does not have a live nerve.

Our doctors at the Guardian Dental Clinicutilize a gel containing some form of hydrogen peroxide which is applied directly on the surface of the tooth in case of the vital tooth whitening. It can done either in our dentist clinic or at home. In case of Non vital whitening our dentists places an agent of whitening inside the tooth and then they put a filling over it which is temporary and then the tooth will be left for several days in this way. This can either be done for once or it can be repeated as long as the tooth does not reach the desired shade.

Point to note for you

After the procedure your teeth will be a bit sensitive in all probability as the bleach can sometime enter into the enamel. The excessive use of whiteners can badly affect the enamel, so it should be done in consultation with our dentists.

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