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Veneers: For That Picture Perfect Smile

Veneers are cosmetic restorations used predominantly for smile makeovers. At Guardian Dental Care, we endeavour to provide the best dental care available to you, and all the information you should possess about veneers.

An important part of teeth cleaning at Guardian Dental Care are scaling and polishing and here's all you need to know about the procedure.

What are veneers?

A person smile often becomes his or her most attractive feature a dazzling smile can leave anyone you meet with a positive feeling about you. However if an individuals teeth are damaged, veneers are used to cover the damaged part of the teeth such that its appearance remain unchanged. Veneers may be used to change the appearance of a person teeth and enhance smile

Why do you need veneers?

A person may need veneers for several reasons. The most common reasons for getting veneers are:

a. Your teeth have lost their natural shade due to root canal treatment, large resin fillings etc.

b. You have broken or chipped teeth, which are getting worn down day by day.

c. The gaps between your teeth are getting wider.

d. You have malformed teeth with multiple craters or bulges.

e. You are unhappy with the present arrangement of your teeth

Why choose Guardian Dental Care?

Getting veneers involve several steps. After a thorough examination, the treatment plan will be discussed with you including the advantages and disadvantages of each procedure and material used. With your consent, our expert dentists at Guardian Dental Care start by shaving off the enamel on the front side slightly, following which an impression of your tooth/teeth will be taken. The impression will be sent to the lab for veneer fabrication. After two weeks, the veneers will be inserted in your mouth. At Guardian Dental Care, we provide one of the best veneer services.

We also provide you with adequate instructions on how to maintain your teeth after receiving veneers.

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